Find out what Great Lakes Scuttlebutt saying about nauti-Cal

What’s nauti and nice, washed twice to retain their original size, lead free to keep you worry free, keeps you cool on hot summer days, made from 100% cotton, incredibly soft and durable for its high GSM (grams per square meter) and known for its cartoon characters that bring endless laughter to boaters and hunters alike?  That’s right, it’s the Nauti Apparel from Rynkel Marine!  Meet our new nautiCal family and see what adventures they are up to!  From almost being eaten by a shark to being chased by a deer and an eagle stealing their prized fish, you will find a wide variety of colors and cartoon designs to choose from.  We are continually adding new designs to our nautiCal family.  So, visit us at and unleash your nautitude! 

Coming soon to Nauti Apparel are UV protected, moisture wicking shirts for boating, fishing, surfing, golfing, soccer and many other outdoor activities. Nauti Apparel is ideal for many occasions. Its vibrant colors and art work can be perfect for many outdoor lovers.

When you shop at Nauti Apparel your satisfaction is guaranteed. At Nauti Apparel we care for the community and people where we do business. That is why 10% of our Nauti Apparel’s yearly profits are donated to charities to help end child labor and child trafficking around the world.